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"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

Learning to live an addiction free life from drugs and alcohol is a journey that can seem insurmountable to all parties involved. There is no perfect equation, easier softer way, or 90 day fix. Our experience here at Mountain Valley Recovery has been to teach our young men to become capable. We are a full working ranch that specializes in helping men struggling with substance abuse to face it head on and live a life filled with integrity. As every young man is unique we have found there is no set time it will take for these thought patterns to change. Our program therefore can be completed in as little as nine months but some may take as long as one year.

How We Accomplish this

Residential Therapy

  • Watch your loved ones confidence and skills increase as he progresses through the various levels of the program from Intern / Apprentice / Mentor
  • Accomplishment is the corner stone to self esteem.  Learning to work hard, taking initiative, and overcoming obstacles is paramount to overcoming addiction. By providing various trade skills for our young men they are provided the proper challenges to promote positive changes.
  • AA 12-step study
  • Group and individual therapy sessions with our acclaimed Thurmon Thomas
  • Complete abstinence from addictive substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco)

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Equine Assisted Therapy

Overcoming addiction can be complex and involve many facets.  Equine Therapy is one method of addiction treatment and recovery that has been a proven success here at Mountain Valley Recovery.  Many people will agree that there is something special about working with animals. The healing bonds that develop between young man and animal will last a lifetime. Our young men will have the chance to experience this first hand with the numerous opportunities that arise to work with animals during the operation of our full working addiction treatment ranch.

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Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy is a systematic approach to improving physical, social, cognitive, and emotional well being in the process of becoming free from substance abuse addiction.  Part of attaining lifelong recovery is learning to view sobriety as a blessing, meant to be enjoyed. The big book of Alcoholics Anonymous calls this a daily reprieve based on spiritual maintenance. This can be viewed as dull or daunting to most people struggling. To reprogram the mind and find joy in daily living we engage in uplifting and motivating activities. The Utah wilderness has plenty to offer and awaits our sojourn.

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Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide long term recovery to young men whose lives are afflicted by addiction such as drug and alcohol.  By offering the latest in evidence-based clinical care combined with real-life success stories and professionally licensed knowledge, these young men will awaken a new self-worth and confidence in themselves to start them on the path of reaching their full potential and aspiring to be the best in all they do as they learn to live a life free from the burden of addiction 

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