Clinical Services

Transform Your Loved One's Life With Our Compassionate Clinical Services

At Mountain Valley Recovery, we understand the profound impact addiction has on families. That's why our unique therapeutic approach is designed not just to treat addiction, but to heal individuals and their relationships. Through our individualized interactive therapeutic involvement, we offer a sanctuary for personal growth, guided by licensed professionals who value open communication and tailor their approach to meet your loved one's specific needs.

Our group therapy sessions provide a supportive community where your loved one can learn, share, and grow among peers, guided by experts in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and more. This communal healing process fosters healthier communication and relationship skills, essential for sustained recovery.

Recognizing the integral role of family in the healing journey, we offer specialized family and couples therapy. These sessions are carefully designed to rebuild trust, enhance communication, and strengthen the bonds that addiction has tested, ensuring that healing encompasses not just the individual, but the entire family unit.

Join us at Mountain Valley Recovery, where healing begins with empathy, and every step forward is a step toward reclaiming the life your loved one deserves.

Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy sessions weekly with a licensed clinician. We rely on open, honest communication and feedback to support our clients in working through barriers to sustained, long-term recovery. We utilize a variety of behavioral therapy, approaches and modalities, enabling us to meet our client’s needs, where they are at, and that allow our clients to practice self-determinism.

Group Therapy

We offer a variety of psychotherapy groups and psychoeducational groups. Our licensed clinicians use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness Based Therapies, and Motivational Interviewing to help provide a therapeutic arena for our clients to receive and share feedback and insights from each other. In a group setting, our clients are able to learn how to interact and connect with each other to practice healthier communication and relationship skills.

We have Certified Peer Support Specialists that use their lived-experience and expertise to facilitate psychoeducational groups on long-term strategies for navigating and living a life of sustained recovery. Having “been there, done that,” our Certified Peer Support Specialists are integral to modeling and teaching others how to create and live life safe, sober, and healthy.

Family Therapy

We offer family and/or couples therapy, as determined by our collaborative care team, this includes our client and their desire and goals within their family systems. This is offered as an individualized service, and may not be appropriate for all clients. We believe in respecting and honoring our client’s ability to choose to focus on healing themselves, before including others in their journey towards healing and recovery.