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Discover the powerful journeys of transformation and growth experienced by our clients and their families. Here, you'll find a collection of heartfelt stories, reflections, and insights that paint a vivid picture of the positive impact our program has had on individuals and their loved ones. Each testimonial serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating the profound changes that are possible when dedication meets supportive, compassionate care. We hope that this can help really shape your decision to choose us to be apart of your healing journey. We don't want this to just be about showcasing success stories; it's to show the courage of our clients and their families. It's about shared experiences that connect us all in the pursuit of a better, healthier life. Join us and explore the transformative power of our program and the lasting bonds it creates within our supportive community.

After two rehabs and multiple counseling programs, we wanted to give up on the road to recovery for our son. We knew he needed a place that would not only offer counseling but one that would help him restore his self-esteem and integrity. I decided to look outside the box to a place that would offer a chance for our son to work hard, learn some skills that would help him get a job, and have a Christian based program. The program at this addiction treatment center also needed to be at least nine months to a year. I searched on-line for programs across the United States, for a place remote and not easy to walk away from. Mountain Valley Recovery and the Christensens were the answer to our prayers. He entered the program at 19 and he was addicted to drugs, he was angry, and wanted help, but didn't. Kellie encouraged him to stay in the program and her family became his biggest mentor. He worked on the ranch learning skills such as building, welding, driving heavy machinery- Just about anything and everything to be self-sufficient on a ranch. They had AA meetings, went to church on Sundays, and built a family within the group of men in recovery. It is the only thing that has saved his life when several of his friends and classmates have not been so lucky. Our son is currently in welding school and striving to be a successful citizen. I will always be grateful to the Christensen family for their warmth, compassion, steadfastness, and strength that they embodied to help our son.

We are forever grateful,


Prior to coming to Mountain Ranch Recovery Center, our son was heavily addicted to drugs and other substances. We tried different rehabilitation programs, but they were usually short term and they didn't work. We were running out of options and patience. Our son was spiraling out of control and we couldn't help him. We found information on Mountain Valley Recovery Center online and made some phone calls. After several calls to the Ranch, we decided to send our son there and hoped that they would be able to rehabilitate him and make him a healthier, better person. He didn't like it at first, but we told him that if he wanted to leave, he would be on his own with no support from his family. He decided to stay and his life was transformed. He was able to work the various steps in the program and at the end of his year at the Ranch, he graduated. He has stayed on at the Ranch as a vital member of the team and continues to help others coming into the program. We are so grateful to Judd and Kellie at Mountain Ranch Recovery Center for helping our Son to find his place back into society and to be living a clean life. We finally have our son back and that's such a tremendous feeling for a parent.


T. Olivo California

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