Trade Skills

At Mountain Valley Recovery, we not only offer the latest in evidence-based therapy, but we also incorporate Recreation Therapy and our one-of-a-kind Trade Training Program.

Learning how to have fun and recreate without drugs and alcohol gives our residents the tools to succeed by staying busy with new and engaging activities. This is further developed as residents have the opportunity to learn trade skills and job skills from successful licensed professionals in various trades.

Some of the various trades they will be exposed to include: Auto Mechanics, Butchering, Concrete and Masonry, Plumbing, Carpentry and General Construction, Welding and Fabrication, Heavy Equipment Operating, Electrical, Ranching, Farming, and many other components to the Agriculture Industry.



There are ample opportunities for our residents to practice driving trucks and gain the skills needed to obtain their CDL. We offer study time to prepare for the written portions of the CDL exam. Mountain Valley Recovery will cover the cost of this exam for any individual who desires to obtain their CDL.

Auto Mechanics


From basic tasks like servicing brakes to undertaking more complex maintenance challenges, such as engine and transmission swaps, our program ensures that our men will not only learn but also put their skills to the test. This hands-on approach provides a comprehensive understanding of vehicle mechanics thereby enhancing their confidence and expertise.



Our residents will be taught proper safety and knowledge of MIG and stick welding while they engage in beginner projects such as metal furniture and horse runs. Eventually, they will work there way up to more complex projects such as metal framing for workshops or agricultural buildings. Along the way, they will be provided the opportunity to attain their 2G and 3G Stick Welding Certification.

General Construction


Working alongside general contractors who have mastered the trade, our residents will receive hands on training in all aspects of construction.

Equipment Operator


From mastering the operation of front-end loaders, telehandlers, skid steers, and backhoes to understanding the nuances of simple clutch mechanisms, our residents will become well acquainted with a wide array of machinery operation.

Ranch Hand


Fixing fences, breaking colts, branding, and caring for livestock are just a few of the skills all residents will participate in. Starting as interns, our residents use physical labor as part of the journey to recovery.



Residents will learn more than basic lawn maintenance. Building retaining rock walls, flagstone paths, fire pits, water features are all skills our residents will gain knowledge in for caring for the land.

Turkey Farming


Mountain Valley Recovery is a fully operational turkey farm. Our residents will have ample opportunity to learn the ins and outs of turkey farming.



Residents will have the chance to broaden their skill set by learning flooring techniques. This diverse training provides a solid foundation in flooring installation and maintenance, equipping them with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to excel in these areas.



Our residents will not only try their hands at various kinds of masonry but also delve into the intricate art of tile setting. This comprehensive approach to craftsmanship offers a broad spectrum of skills. These skills are designed to teach precision, patience, and creativity, allowing residents to discover the satisfaction of bringing a physical structure to life from the ground up.

Financial Management


Part of the journey to recovery is the importance of learning to manage your money and not let your money manage you. Residents will be taught how to create and implement a budget, credit repair, tackling debt with the debt snowball approach, Quickbooks via a certified Quickbooks pro advisor and so much more.

Various Trade Skills


Don't see what you like? No worries. We are flexible and committed to individual growth. Should residents express interest in a specific trade not initially offered, we will go above and beyond to ensure they have the opportunity to learn and master that trade, tailoring our program to meet their unique passions and career aspirations.